Nature Is Speaking: Flower

English Transcript:

I am a flower.
Yes, I’m beautiful.
I’ve heard it before.
And it never grows old.
I’m worshiped for my looks, my scent, my looks.
But here’s the thing.
Life starts with me.
You see I feed people.
Every fruit comes from me.
Every potato.
Every kernel of corn.
Every grain of rice.
Me, me, me,
I know.
But it’s true.
And sometimes I feed their souls.
I am their words when they have none.
I say “I love you,” without a sound.
“I’m sorry,” without a voice.
I inspire the greatest of them.
Painters, poets, pattern makers.
I’ve been a muse to them all.
But in my experience, people underestimate the power of a pretty little flower.
Because their life does start with me.
And it could end without me.

Nguồn: Conservation International

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