extr@ English 25 – Art

Bridget fancies Marty Ross, a presenter at Channel 9. He tells her he will take her out to dinner if she can get him tickets for an art exhibition by the fashionable new artist, Damian Pollasco. He also tells her that he judges a woman by the way her home looks, which leads Bridget to force the rest of them to make her home more ‘arty.’
Meanwhile, Annie is expecting the arrival of ecowarriors Boggy and Moss from Manchester. Hector is home when they arrive. They don’t say anything, eat all the ‘nibbles’ he has bought for Marty, and spread graffiti over all the walls.
Marty is very impressed by the results and wants to buy the wall!

Topic / Vocabulary Grammar Functions
Art Revision of zero and first conditionals
Words with variable stress
Contradicting someone’s future plans
Correcting misunderstandings

An email about visiting Bridget new flat

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