extr@ English 21 – The Entertainers

After Bridget presents an item on Channel 9 about the amount of money rich people spend on children’s parties, Nick thinks it would be a good idea to get work doing this. His first job is at a party for Victoria’s stepdaughter, Daisy, and Nick persuades Hector to help him, and Bridget agrees to do it too, because she wants to meet some of the famous people who have been invited to the party.
Meanwhile, Annie has been learning about hypnosis, and accidentally hypnotises the boys before they go the party. The party ends in disaster, and it is only Annie’s intervention as a traffic warden that saves the boys getting into real trouble …

Topic / Vocabulary Grammar Functions
Entertaining children myself, yourself, etc
Verbs + direct and indirect objects
Talking about childhood
Talking about the way you feel

Writing an internet advertisement for a service

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