extr@ English 19 – Kung Fu Fighting

Annie decides that she and Hector should see other people. Hector doesn’t really understand what this means, and it has to be explained that ‘seeing other people’ is not the same as ‘seeing the postman’ in the morning. Annie meets someone called Richard at an animal rights protest meeting. She is clearly attracted to him so, for a while, her relationship with Hector looks to be over. Meanwhile, Nick auditions for a part in a kung fu film, starring a martial arts actor called Ricky Chung. He finishes up in hospital, where the friends visit him. Ricky Chung also visits him, and we discover that he is in fact Richard, the man that Annie met. She is unhappy that he is involved in making violent films. At the end of the programme, she and Hector are reunited …

Topic / Vocabulary Grammar Functions
relationships The present perfect continuous Speaking
Talking about things that you have recently done

Writing about surprising events

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